As someone who deals with blindness on a day-to-day basis, I would like to prevent it in our community. There are two ways in which you and I can do this. The first is to test preschool children in Whittier for the leading cause of blindness in children, which is known as amblyopia or so called "lazy eye", and the second is to prevent infections after cataract surgery
Five percent of children are at risk for amblyopia. Our children are not having their eyes checked before the age of six when they start school. This is too late to cure amblyopia.
The May Vision Foundation (a registered non-profit organization), is currently donating technology to “Care Force One” a community outreach program.
Once these children are identified, we will be able to prevent blindness with appropriate medical care. I hope that you will support my efforts in preventing this common blinding condition. Those of us with children or grandchildren should be particularly concerned about this condition because it is essentially permanent if unrecognized before the age of five.
There is also a hidden epidemic of blindness in adults in the U.S. The chance of infection after cataract surgery has more than doubled since the early 1990's, which has led to many cases of blindness that could have been prevented. At the Center for Outpatient Surgery in Whittier, we have avoided this epidemic. Once we noticed this we wondered why. The key seems to be the kind of incisions made to perform cataract surgery. Over the last two years I have been traveling to Johns Hopkins Ophthalmology Department to do scientific experiments to determine just how these incisions should be made and tested. The May Vision Foundation will support existing efforts in preventing blindness through making and testing cataract surgery incisions safely.
The goals of the May Vision Foundation can not be performed without your help. We need your support and patronage to maximize the outcome of our charity. Together we can work to change the lives of both children and adults by giving them the power of sight.

- Dr. William N. May

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